Marc Jacobs SS15 Menswear - Milan

Vanity Fair June 2014 scan.

Anonymous: krystal jung is a member of f(x) and her sister (jessica) is a member of snsd

Nice omg thanks! I’m looking at some pics of her and she’s cute as hell.

Anonymous: I think sometimes you're too rude

What do you expect me to do with this information?

Anonymous: a transvestite is a man who dresses in women's clothes for example drag queens, cross dressers and female impersonators... they are in fact men that person wasn't being transphobic you're just uneducated

I do know that transvestite =/= transgender, but from what information I have that is still a terrible thing to say, it’s still aggressive. What I’m gonna do is research a little more and inform myself further. Thanks for the heads up.

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