Oscar Isaac goes for a bike ride in London on September 16, 2014


You can’t control your career as an actor. If you could strategize your way to the top, then everybody would be successful and playing the leads in movies where they’re commanding millions of dollars. And they’re not. You can’t. There are better actors than me who are struggling, and there are worse actors than me who are coining it in. Luckily for me, the work has just kept coming.

James McAvoy photographed by Matt Irwin for OUT magazine (October 2014)

Dead Sea, Israel

Swimmers float effortlessly in the salt-laden waters of the Dead Sea near Ein Bokek, Israel. Ten times saltier than seawater, the lake is extremely buoyant and a popular destination for holidaymakers. It’s also Earth’s lowest point on land.

Anonymous: do your parents know now? sorry for being so nosy

lmao no. But all my friends at college know so it’s cool. And don’t be sorry bae.


Sure thang~
(EDIT) I flipped the canvas so that it’s easier to see on tumblr. ;u;

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[on expanding her career to become a film director] It is more satisfying. You are more of a participant in the conception. I like having control. I think I have the capability. I’m a storyteller and an artist and I love what I do. So I want to be part of it more and not just show up and say my lines.

Lorde by Thomas Whiteside for Elle Magazine October 2014

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